Victory Day marks the end of World War II in Europe

Victory Day in Europe is commemorated May 8.
At 02:41 on the morning of May 8, 1945, at the SHAEF headquarters in Reims, France, the Chief-of-Staff of the German Armed Forces High Command, General Alfred Jodl signed the unconditional surrender documents for all German forces to the Allies. To celebrate the end of the war, the 1:6th Scale Collectors Club of Colorado (which I am a proudly member of) is setting up a huge WWII diorama at the Belmar Park (Lakewood, CO) this coming Saturday, the 12th of May. I’ve been busy re-touching some of my vehicles and figures. Here is a picture of our last diorama, so you know what to expect. Please come. We’ll be there starting at 8:00AM.

On another note…
Short-film fun comes in many forms, and it's nice to get a shot at finding them at bold, independent film venues like the Bug Theatre. Look for the 1st GI Joe Stop-Motion Film Festival Sept. 20th; sponsored by
Check out all the films confirmed so far at It's not about the type of the movie, if it is light-hearted or dark and heavy, the point is the opportunity. So-called independent filmmaking is big-time corporate nowadays. The 1st GI Joe Stop-Motion Film Festival will provide a special opportunity for movie goers to explore, to stretch, to dare to like the old fashioned art of stop-motion film making. It's a refreshing challenge to see well crafted films whose combined budgets cost less than a single commercial for a Hollywood blockbuster.

Part 3 of Episode 76 will be available next week. Thanks for reading.

by Corporal John Harris, May 10, 2007