Historical facts:

In an undisclosed area in the US, lays a natural pond once part of the Mulberry Ridge National Laboratory. The pond was used during the early 1970's by the Marine Corps for training in recon maneuvers and later by Dr. Louis Kawamoto, during experiments with the Space Reactor Program (Nuclear Thermal Propulsion). After The Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 was signed, the site became a Nuclear Dump Site for its unusual great depth. Since 1990, DOE's Office of Environmental Restoration and Waste Management (EM) have decontaminated and dismantled more than a 100 contaminated facilities across the country including the Mulberry Ridge Pond.

In 2002, three EPA Research Biologists disappeared while conducting experiments in the pond and the Department of Navy has also reported two missing soldiers from a Marine Corp Recon Squad training in the area. There is speculation in the scientific community that the pond was never completely decontaminated. There are even accounts from some Marine soldiers about oversized plants and strange animals around the pond's adjoining regions. A year later after an unsuccessful rescue for the missing biologists turned tragic with a helicopter crash, the US Marine Corps deployed small patrol/recon units called Fire Teams to protect the area.

This is the story of "Pond Patrol Third Force Recon Team" the 4th group designated by the US Government to the Mulberry Ridge Pond. This is the first team to include an EPA Researcher and a Scientist to study the pond's ecosystem. It is also the first team to have its own marked AH/MH-6 Little Bird helicopter and pilot.