US Marine Fire Team

Alan Palmer: born in Lansing, Mich
Rank: Master Sergeant, MSgt
Training instructor of the Weapons Training Battalion {WTB) at Stone Bay - Camp Lejeune, NC. His grandfather was a World War II veteran and his uncles served in Vietnam. Alan Palmer has a bad reputation, in fact the grey haired, tall round faced Marine is know in Camp Lejeune as “Sergeant Infliction”. Alan was chosen for this mission because of his work on the book “The Post-War Effects and Psychosomatic Illness” in which he collaborated after the Gulf War.

John Harris: born in Buffalo, NY
Rank: Corporal, Cpl. - Marine Scout Marksman (MSM)
John became a Marine at age 21 by the order of his parents. A trained combat diver, John had a hand in saving the lives of 4 Korean soldiers whose ship had sunk. He was embarked on the USS Virginia, supporting Operation Patient Eagle. Corporal Harris reported to the Marine Corps Security Force Company, Naples, Italy as the officer in charge of the armory, until the new assignment with Sergeant Palmer.

Ben Kaplan: Born Portland, Ore
Rank: Private First Class, PFC - Marine Scout Marksman (MSM)
Before he adopted the lifestyle of a Marine. Ben went to school 6 days a week, and worked as a patient registration clerk at Mercy Hospital, Portland. He went to diving school with John Harris and later served in Camp Lejeune with Roy. Ben was trained in Emergency Medial Treatment (EMT) for his assignment.

Roy Uchena: born in Philadelphia, PA
Rank: Private First Class, PFC - Amphibious Communication Officer (ACO)
As a youth, Roy, played around in the house with his records and drums. Having fun was the only thing on his mind. He was a singer for many years but was forced to join the Marines so he could pay for his mother’s hospital bills.

Mobility Operations

Jill Schneider: born in San Diego, Calif
Rank: Retired Captain, Capt. - Helicopter Aircraft Commander (HAC)
Daughter of a single father, Jill worked after school to help pay for her flying lessons. At age 23 she enlisted with the Marines hoping to finish her bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management Technology. She now works as a charter pilot for Aerovolo LTD which is under contract with the Air Mobility Command (AMC), providing air transport for the Department of Defense.

Research Team

Dr. Jefferson M. Johnson: born in Montgomery, AL

Dr. Johnson is a Wildlife Biologist with a major on Molecular Toxicology. He served with the Coast Guard in the late 1980's and has been working for the EPA for almost 15 years. He was assigned to the PondPatrol mission after Daniel Hughes (an EPA agent) was killed by one of the Giant Turtles.

Dr. Evgeny Kobiak: born in Dubna, Russia

Radiation Genetics Professor - Laboratory of Radiation Biology (LRB). He worked with Dr. Louis Kawamoto in the Mulberry Ridge Reactors. Dr. Evgeny has dedicated the rest of his career to Radiation Genetics after his son died in the Chernobyl Disaster of 1986.