Standalone Episode - Halloween 2006

“How charming you are looking tonight!” The monster remarked in its thin, far-away voice. Jill was scared. Alone at Base Camp, the girl didn’t know what to think about the scene. Four horrifying creatures came out of the woods while she was getting ready for bed. She screamed and tried to run, but the creatures circle around her asking her all sorts of questions: “What a lovely sweater you have on. Would you like to dance? I could go on dancing for ever with you. Have you had supper?” And so the questions went on for awhile. As Jill grew more familiar with the uncanny creatures, her nervousness wore off and she entered into the fun. “Sure I’ll dance with you” said Jill. The biggest monster then grabbed her as if she weighed nothing at all and carried her off into the woods, followed by his other strange friends. She was never seen again.

On the other side of town, a metal skullcap-shaped electrode was attached to the scalp and forehead of Dr. Johnson. Ben, the executioner, was waiting for the General’s signal to pull the handle to connect the power supply. “Wait! I want to say that I’m really sorry for what I’ve done to you” said the doctor slowly. Ben looked back at the electric chair. He then looked at the General and replied: “Too late”. Dr. Jeff Johnson was pronounced dead at 12:46AM.

Happy Halloween!!!

See you next week with another PondPatrol Episode!

by Corporal John Harris, November 02, 2006