August 12, 2008

2nd Edition: CONFIRMED FILMS 2008

Here is the Official List of preselected films for 2008.
These films will be presented to an audience (October 9th 2008) which, at the end of the festival, will choose the audience prize. An invited film jury will award the prizes in all other categories. Subsequently, these films will also tour the country in 2009.

Thank you to all filmmakers for submitting your work: we received 108 entries from 7 countries this year. Just amazing!

"Zombie Zombie" - Driving this road until death sets you free - by Simon Gesrel and Xavier Ehretsmann - FRANCE

"Vietnanimation" - by Chris Elsner - USA

"GI Tubby Tommy" - by Lee Hardcastle - UK

"The Store" - by Javier Ferra and Ferran Adzara - SPAIN

"Storm Cloud" - by Phillip Lane - USA

"Cobra Secret Weapon" - by Lyle Whitsett - USA

"Let's do it" and "Cairo Swordsman Takes" - by Hutt Wigley - USA

"Fists" - by Carl Piermarini and Jack Celli - USA

"GI JOE Dance Off" - by Patrick Kulas and Brendan Wilcox - USA

"Bloody Revenge II" - by Tom Walker - UK

"Aloha Means Goodbye" - by Carl Piermarini and Jack Celli - USA

"Die Leiden des Action Werthers" - by Bernt Popp - GERMANY

"4:20" - by Jonah Vigil - USA

Bug Theatre
Cotswold Collectibles

29th of March - La Luz de Jesus Gallery
Los Angeles, CA

TBA - Bug Theatre - Denver, CO

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