July 28, 2008


On September 10th 2008, we will be hosting a pre-screening party at Rocket House Studios, here in Denver, Colorado. During the pre-screening process, nine judges will decide the faith (and the winners) of over 15 films that are participating in this year's Festival. Here is the list of selected judges:

Donald L. Vasicek
- Award-winning writer/filmmaker has been involved in over 100 movies during the past 23 years, from major studios to independent films including, MGM's $56 million "Warriors of Virtue", Paramount Classics "Racing Lucifer", American Pictures "The Lost Heart" and "Born To Kill" starring the Charles Bronson of Korea, Bobby Kim, and his internationally-known director/brother, Richard, Incline Productions, Inc.’s "Born To Win", Olympus Films "Haunted World" with Emmy-nominated PBS Producer Alison Hill, and Olympus Films "Faces", "Oh, The Places You Can Go" and the award-winning "The Sand Creek Massacre" documentary film. Don also has written and published over 500 books, short stories and articles. His books include "How To Write, Sell, And Get Your Screenplays Produced" and "The Write Focus".

Daniel Crosier
- Denver-based artist, Daniel Crosier has exploded onto the comic book scene in the last year. Illustrating and writing multiple comic book projects with a variety of well-established publishers, Crosier's distinctive approach, incomparable perspective and vibrant personality has the industry taking note. Crosier has a degree in fine art from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver with an emphasis in drawing and sculpture. This background in fine art has encouraged him develop a watershed wood burning technique for illustrating his latest comic book project, "Bartholomew of the Scissors" from Bluewater Productions. Crosier is illustrating and burning the entire four part comic book series on wood panels.

Pamela Chavez
- Production Designer and Set Designer. Ms. Chavez has worked with numerous directors including Monty Miranda for the 2007 film Skills Like This, currently being feature at MySpace.com

Gary Isaacs - Celebrity portraits are what Isaacs is best known for. Take a trip to the Tattered Cover (Denver, CO) where dozens of his works are framed on a wall from the likes of Jimmy Carter to Jimmy Stewart. These and other closed sessions have included Peter O'Toole, Michael Caine, Anne Rice, Tiny Tim, Shirley Maclaine, Annie Leibowitz and Divine as subjects. Isaacs also did a lot of photography for the Westword in the 1980s. He hails from New Haven, Connecticut and has lived and worked in the Denver area since the 1970s.

Rebecca Vaughan - Head of the Sculpture Dept. of Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. MFA, Carnegie Mellon University; BFA, University of Colorado, Boulder; foreign study at Bernardinus College, Netherlands and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Canada. Ms. Vaughan has exhibited sculptural installations, mixed media conceptual projects and installations in the Colorado region, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico and Canada. Publications include the Chicago Art Journal and KnitKnit. Ms. Vaughan has also received state grants from the Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities and the Ohio Arts Council.

Rick Griffith - This guy practically came into this world with a printing press in one hand and an inherent understanding of graphic design in the other. A practitioner of his art since 1989, Rick is the recipient of numerous awards from prestigious publications and organizations: Print Magazine's Regional Design Awards, the BELMAR Award for Achievement in Art and Design, HOW Magazine International Design Annuals, and AIGI regional awards. Rick has held chair and board positions for the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, the Alliance for Contemporary Art, the Denver Art Museum, and the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Rick currently teaches at the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center's College of Arts and Media, as well as Denver University; he also consults and creates within his graphic design studio, MATTER. He is the Executive Director of the Association.

Jared Jacang Maher - Mr. Maher has worked as an Associate Editor for Adbusters Magazine, a script writer and assistant producer for Free Speech TV and was a 2003 fellow at the Academy for Alternative Journalism. He is also an editor of the literary anthology "Life and Limb: Skateboarders Write From the Deep End," published by Soft Skull Press. Jared currently lives in Denver, Colorado where he is a staff writer at Westword.

George Garcia - GI Joe Collector and a senior-member of the Colorado 1:6th Scale Military Club. Mr. Garcia has one of the most extensive collections in Colorado state and he has won awards for many of his 1:6th dioramas.

Anne Herbst - Photojournalist at KUSA/Denver (NBC's affiliated TV station in Denver, CO). Anne is a storyteller from Wisconsin who has won many Emmy Awards for her work with the camera. She has an amazing eye for detail and the editing skills of a young Michael Kahn.

2008 Tour News

We had full houses for both screenings of "THE GI JOE FEST" at the Grand Illusion Cinema in Seattle, WA and at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX. A lot people turned out to have fun and watch great animated films from around the world.

A special thanks to Spenser (Grand Illusion) and Zack (at the Alamo). We will certainly be back to these cities next year.

Bug Theatre
Cotswold Collectibles

29th of March - La Luz de Jesus Gallery
Los Angeles, CA

TBA - Bug Theatre - Denver, CO

If your film or video organization wishes to host/screen the GI JOE FEST, please contact us at: gijoefest@gmail.com