July 28, 2007

Tickets available now!

Tickets are on sale starting today. It's a simple and harmless online bargain that beats TicketWeb.com's proposal of $795 just to set up a new account with them (Jesus! No wonder concert tickets are so expensive). Shipping is free and your transaction receipt will work just as well (just in case your tickets don't arrive in time). Filmmakers interested in attending the festival should contact us ASAP in order to secure a seat. The Bug Theatre's capacity is of 170 people. I recommend getting your tickets as soon as possible. The 1st GI Joe Stop-Motion Film Festival will be a very exclusive event. Only one showing on Thursday Sept. 20th 2007, starting at 8:00PM. Because of copyright issues and so on, some of the films will never be seen again on the big screen or, for that matter, in public ever again.

July 23, 2007

Submissions now closed!

Deadline for submissions was last Friday. Thank you to all filmmakers who submitted their films to our festival. A few stragglers should be arriving in the next week or so, but our line up is basically formed. United States, Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Taiwan are some of the countries represented in this GI JOE Celebration. There are a lot of great films.

GI JOE Film Festival Poster

Also, it's time to start marketing the festival to the audiences. Starting this week, posters and flyers will hit the streets of North America. Impelled to help? You can download a PDF of the poster by clicking HERE.

July 21, 2007

Confirmed: Kieran Healy and Paul Hanley!!!

Kieran Healy and Paul Hanley

One of the finalists for the SXSW Grindhouse Trailer contest, "Cong of the Dead" by directors Paul Hanley and Kieran Healy was proudly included to our Festival's line up. A faux trailer, this film is a marvelous Vietnam War Movie mixed with lots of Zombies. Its pay-off is hilarious. Also submitted by the same team of directors (from Austin, Texas), the three part masterpiece: "War American Style" is a War Epic that is dramatically rich and effective. Beautifully made, "War American Style" tells the story of the Holmes Family throughout all American wars. A fascinating ride through U.S. history's choppy waters, with a humorous twist.

Adam Odell: Confirmed!

Adam Odell

"A World's Desire", a film by director Adam Odell follows the quest of many cultures to posses an ancient tablet. The Romans, the crew of Star-Trek Enterprise, Planet of the Apes and many other characters are intertwined by the power of this ancient relic. From Seattle, Washington, Mr. Odell's film displays remarkable set designs (including a deep-sea-diving scene) and lots of great collectibles. Brilliant!

July 19, 2007

Confirmed: Director Harry Hendriks!

Harry Hendriks

As the popularity of computer generated effects push other (sometimes greater) methods into cold storage, director Harry Hendriks, from Netherlands still creates fantastic film memories one frame at a time. Mr. Hendriks submitted three films: "Nein!" (a film about two German soldiers in love), "De Wereld van Aktiefiguren" (an awesome mockdocumentary enacted by Action Figures) and "Toys will be Toys" (a collection of short stories that includes all your 80's toys in one hilarious morsel). While pushing the envelope for stop-motion animation, Harry Hendriks certainly doesn't fall short in any way, shape or form. Magnificent!

July 18, 2007

Director Ashley Baird: Confirmed!

Ashley Baird

Director Ashley Baird brings us his film "Nuts & Bolts", an outstanding stop-motion animation from Toronto, Canada. Mr. Baird's skills are right up there with the best. Great action scenes, with a humorous ending, this film is contrived to charm us.

July 14, 2007

Confirmed: Director Dave Stebenne!

Dave Stebenne

From Lincoln, Rhode Island, Dave Stebenne from Chick'n' Coop Pictures submitted 3 beautiful films, one funnier than the other. "Beach Blanket Blackout" brings us mayhem at the beach in this tuneful romp that centers on a few Barbie coeds and some GI Boys playing and being, well... themselves (wink). "Lost" (a spoof of the TV series) is basically self-explanatory. And the three part "GI Joe Takes a Beating" features an Adventure Team member facing his worst enemy: a toddler! Director Dave Stebenne is simply the best at combining reality with stop-motion and lots of humor.
A must see!

Director Lyle Whitsett: Confirmed!

Lyle Whitsett

Texan director Lyle Whitsett sent us a collection of short animations entitled "GI Joe versus Robot Chicken". This stop-motion compilation leaves you wanting more. It packs a mighty punch of satire couched in a barrage of smart, sharp juvenilia. Nicely edited, Mr. Whitsett's stories are to die for. Laughing, that is...

Team Safari: Confirmed!

Team Safari

Team Safari revolves around the adventures (or misadventures) of self-proclaimed millionaire/adventurer Jack Bannon and his gang. Some episodes of this hilarious series include a GI Joe stop-motion animation. We are very lucky (and proud) to add "Dick Cheney goes Hunting" (from episode 4) to the Festival's line up.

Confirmed: Justin Isbell and Adam Chown

Justin Isbell

Excessive Force is a beautiful preview for an action packed thriller by Iowa filmmakers Adam Chown and Justin Isbell. In this film, a maverick cop goes out on his own, to make sure the bad guys are brought down. Some action pictures revel in and have fun with their blockbuster roots. "Excessive Force" simply kicks ass in amazing stop-motion fashion.

Musical Guest: Pena - Confirmed!

PE√ĎA - Band

I'm really delighted to announce that we have closed a deal with one of the best experimental post-rock bands of today. PENA, a four piece outfit from Denver - Colorado, will be performing at the GI Joe Stop-Motion Film Festival during its "Half-Time". PENA's melodies are pensive, thick and sometimes very unpremeditated. Sometimes you may even hear a math-rock uproar that makes you feel like the band is playing a song inward. Seriously, I'm truly excited! Please read Jason Heller's review of their EP Human Circuits or hear the band for yourself at www.penamusic.com

July 1, 2007

Julian Growcott - Confirmed!

Julian Growcott

"Action Man #1" and "Action Man and the Daleks" are two films shot in 8mm by Canadian director Julian Growcott. Accompanied by a kick-ass original soundtrack, Mr. Growcott's films are packed with lots of car chases and great pyrotechnics. Both films have enough plot twists and improbable coincidences to pad out a couple of silent movies or a few months' worth of soap opera. Magnificent stuff.

Bug Theatre
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29th of March - La Luz de Jesus Gallery
Los Angeles, CA

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If your film or video organization wishes to host/screen the GI JOE FEST, please contact us at: gijoefest@gmail.com