May 31, 2007

To those attending the film festival...

Classic Collection GI Joe

In more than a half-dozen incarnations across four decades, GI Joe has become the single greatest brand in the history of boy's toys. Inspiring the term "action figure", GI Joe ushered in a new play pattern that forever changed the scope of the toy world.

Hasbro has kept GI Joe on the market nearly continuously since 1964, with the exception of a few years between the death of the classic "vintage" Joe in 1976 and the introduction of the new "Real American Hero" in 1982. In 1997, we had a dual effort between the all new ultra-buffed five-inch GI Joe Extreme line for kids and for the true "kid-at-heart" collector, the special 12-inch Classic Collection series. The Classic Collection "Joes" had all new fully articulated bodies, were authentically dressed and equipped to represent seven different branches of today's world's military.

We have scored three mint, in-the-box Classic Collection GI Joes, courtesy of, to be given away to those attending the film festival on the 20th of September. Along with the rare 12-inch action figures, has donated an Art S. Buck male figure made by Sideshow Collectibles and a Cobra Viper Box set containing six 3 3/4 Viper Infantryman. Besides seeing fantastic Stop-Motion Films from around the world, you could be walking out of the theater with an amazing collector's item. Don't miss it.

Cobra Viper Pit

May 18, 2007

Terminator 2 - The StopMotion: Confirmed!!!

Terminator 2

Award winning director Jakub Kuczynski submitted a stop-motion short film based on the opening of Terminator 2 - Judgment Day. Originally shot when Mr. Kuczynski was 14, the film has been re-mastered in 2006. Stunning battle scenes with amazing sound design, this film is another submission from Canada.

May 17, 2007

Low Life Feature Films: Confirmed!!!

Holiday in Cambodia.jpg

Director Chris Brown and Cinematographer Jim Travis bring to us the chaos of war through their film "Holiday in Cambodia". Inspired by the famous Dead Kennedys song, Brown's film portrays the violent nature of war from the perspective of the people most affected by it: the soldier. Beautiful film straight from Canada.

May 15, 2007

Cambodian Cannibal Midgets: Confirmed!!!

Cambodian Cannibal Midgets

Made three years ago "GI Joe Gets Blown" is a short film by Michigan director John Lloyd. The Cambodian Cannibal Midgets Studios (Mr. Lloyd's own) took some left over fireworks from their July 4th party and a box of old action figures and threw together this amusing piece of video. Submitted under the category "Live-Action Figures", this film will certainly make some toy collectors feel very uneasy.

May 11, 2007

Penny Mix Films - Trailer!

Paul Rowley and John Collier from Penny Mix Films just sent this trailer from their upcoming film "A night at the Museum". Starring the UK equivalent of Gi Joe: Action Man, their film depicts an "Action Force Team" working as security guards in a very mysterious Toy Museum.

May 8, 2007

Confirmed: Penny Mix Films!

Penny Mix Films

Formed in May 2006, Penny Mix Films is a British film studio made up of Paul Rowley and John Collier. "The Good, The Bad and The Plastic" is their first confirmed film in the Festival. Mr. Rowley directs this hilarious and quirky Western, a one of a kind venture that includes lots of vintage figures. Hold onto your hats cowboys!

May 7, 2007

Loki Films: Confirmed!

Loki Films

New films by director John Kiely were added to the festival's line up. "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Drive", "the Duel" and "Bad Ass Cyber Chicks Part 1" are three remarkable stop-motion films shot in Bridgeport, CT. Using beautiful set designs and eye-catching action scenes, Mr. Kiely creates a realistic, believable 1:6th world.

May 4, 2007

Confirmed: Director Omer Younas!

Omer Younas

"TIME" and the "OC Police" are two new confirmed films from London, England. Both animations were filmed with a Philips ToUcam by director Omer Younas and the films are quite different from one another. TIME is loosely based on the Metal Gear Solid game, while OC Police is an anime style short intro which combines three types of animation: Drawn, Stop-motion and CG.

May 1, 2007

Alex Queiroz: Confirmed!

Alex Queiroz

Our first South American submission comes from Alex Queiroz all the way from Minas Gerais, Brazil. "WAR - The White Movie" is a bold political statement against the Bush administration. Hell breaks loose in this marvelous addition to the festival.

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