1st GI Joe Stop-Motion Film Fest !!!!

Sorry amigos. We don't have a new episode this week. Instead I'd like to announce that PondPatrol.com is the Official Sponsor for the 1st GI JOE Stop-Motion Film Festival. The festival will be held September 2007 in Denver, Colorado. For more info, please visit www.GIJoeFilmFestival.com. The 1st GI JOE Stop-Motion Film Festival is the nation's first festival dedicated to screening works by media artists who use GI Joe or similar figures (12" and/or 3 ¾ sizes) as main characters or actors. We are thrilled to be a part of such brilliant event. Also, we are moving our headquarters to a much larger space. Our office has become really small, cluttered with so many props, dolls and sets. Hold tight. Episode #73 is on its way. OoRah!

by Corporal John Harris, March 29, 2007