Standalone Episode - Halloween 2005

The massive gardens of the Wakabi Academy were full of darkness. As I walked cautiously through them, Darth Evgeny felt small, my hands tight against his neck, like a Gizka delivery droid holding a message. I shook off a nauseating feeling, and tried my best not to step on the bodies that littered the ground. I frowned at the carnage, and wondered how in the galaxy 20 Storm Troopers were able to massacre more than half of our group. It was a trap. We were here to exchange prisoners, no casualties were supposed to happen. Rescuing Commander Ben Delag was too important to the Rebellion, without this exchange we would've taken a decisive blow. It was now dusk, the combat had gone on for hours but now we had the upper hand, I had Darth Evgeny's head pressed against my blaster. One wrong move and he'd be sorry. Happy Halloween!!!

We'll be back next week with a "real" PondPatrol Episode.

Disclaimer: I'm not George Lucas, I'm not making money out of this story,

by Corporal John Harris, October 30, 2005