Episode 1 - The rock in my shoes

I don't like this guy. It's been only 5 days and I already want to punch him. Sgt. Palmer is a menace. I haven't seen his eyes yet. He wears his sunglasses even during the slide shows. We went under heavy physical training in the last few days and let me tell you: we kept repeating the same recon exercise for two days. Documenting and practicing the same sites again and again. He even made Roy eat dirt yesterday just because he overheard the guy saying he was hungry, during "basic mechanics of patrolling". So unnecessary. Then he kept talking about my sideburns. He still is. I really don't get it tough. All we are going to do is to patrol an old Nuclear Waste Facility. Today, Major Munsch was present at our third briefing this week. Why such an important military figure would be interested in a simple mission? It sounds weird. They are not telling us everything. I don't like it. The worst part is that I believe Sgt. Palmer knows it. But he ain't telling us. At least not now. Secrecy is part of the mission and so I hope. On the good side I've been hanging out with Ben all week. Remembering the good old days at diving school. He asked me about Abey, if we were still together. I just shook my head telling him no. It was hard. Too fresh yet. He once drove us all the way to Buffalo for Thanks Giving. He even met my dad which used to call him "shorty". Funny because Ben and I have the same height. Private Roy seemed fine. A bit quite for a Communications Officer, I find that hilarious. Ben said he's not doing so great since Sgt. "Douche Bag Palmer" embarrassed him in front of us. The poor guy. Maybe I'll talk to him later. He insisted in bringing his guitar to the mission which caused a furious discussion between Major Munsch, Sgt. Palmer and himself. Roy doesn't seem too happy about anything, it seems. And today we finally met the other 2 guys: the researchers. Major Munsch said we will need to work together and assist them on their experiments, meaning we'll be taking orders from them through Sgt. Palmer. Great! That's all I need. Two office jerks telling me what to do. The EPA guy has this grin on his face that doesn't go away. Not good: Freakish. The professor was polite enough, but he didn't say a single word during the briefings. We got our topographic maps today too. Sgt. Palmer wants us to know the terrain like the palm of our hands. I liked the sound of that. At least we agreed in one thing. We still need to go through some deep-diving exercises and by what I've heard, some classes about Nuclear Waste with professor Kobiak. I saw our helicopter when I was jogging this morning. Someone painted a skull and some paddles on the hull. Roy and Ben think we should get patches with the same drawing. If so, I think we should wear some over sized shoes and giant ruffs around our necks. Bunch of clowns.

by Corporal John Harris, September 09, 2005